Friday, August 27, 2010

A Poem From My Dark Mind

The world.
It's denizens.
My mind swallows itself in an anguished cry to be felt.
I peer down into the gaping maw that has become my life. Deep in the black abyss i spy myself.

Not my current self.

It's myself as a child. Sitting. Turned away from my view as if disgusted by my distant presence. The clothes are ragged and dirty, chewed by my disturbingly child fanged mouth.

I disgust him.

He sits there, twisting the heads on small animals. Their whimper and cries suddenly silenced by a *pop* when the torque has become too much for their brittle bones.

They wish to run.

Much like I wish to run from myself. From this dark world that has belched me forth. But much like the creatures, i can't move. I can't only feel the pain.

I can only feel... the pain.

As i'm drawn up again and again by my dark, child-like nature.

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